Bata Films

The creators of The Strip (2009) movie are BataFilms. A film produced from Jameel Khan. A lot of famous movie reviewers gave somewhat positive reviews on the movie… The list is as follows:

‘The Strip’’ has the makings of some sitcom on the F/X network that might follow “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’’ Well, the title does anyway. It feels like a first pass at a pilot, and with all respect to the director and writer Jameel Khan, his cast, and crew, it’s hard to imagine who would pay good money to watch them all try to inject zest into dead jokes and to pin down a consistent tone. – Wesley Morris

If one of your non-filmmaker friends watched Office Space a few too many times, this is probably the movie he’d make. – Elizabeth Weitzman

A trip to a strip mall would be more entertaining. – Frank Scheck

Jameel Khan’s film springs from the format of The Office like a blurred reproduction from a bad copy machine. – Peter Keough

Like an unathletic kid giving T-ball a shot, The Strip is consistently mediocre, but you give it credit for trying. – Matt Pais