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The Strip (2009) Movie Review

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The Strip is a 2009 comedy movie written and directed by Jameel Khan and produced by Jay Khan. It is an independent film from Bata Films that follows the story of five workers in a retail store who or on the path of finding themselves. It was firstly released in theatres on Dec 4, 2009.

The production companies behind this comedy are Bata Films and Shady Milkmen Productions. It was filmed in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Because of some sexual references, the full movie was rated PG-13. It was estimated that the movie made around $1.200.000 and for the opening weekend in the USA about $5.107. As for the production part, cinematography, music and editing are in high quality.


It is a simple free streaming movie that follows the lives of five guys working at the same dead-end job. They are bound and restricted by their everyday life and are wishing and dreaming for a reality better than their actual. Their stories don’t seem to stop interconnecting, so they often find themselves proving to each other who has a bigger ego.

The Epicenter of the Movie

The movie centres around five employees in an electronic store called the “ElectriCity”. The electronicthe strip the movie poster store is located in a strip-mall and it is at least a few qualitative rungs down from Radio Shack.
Glenn (Dave Foley) is the manager of “ElectriCity”. He takes his job with adult seriousness. He worked hard for almost all of his life to get where he is, working up through the ranks. He is the soft-hearted boss who will do anything to motivate his employees to be more interested in the job. He thinks trust is the answer to all the problems in the firm he is managing so he tries different trust exercises with his team, even though his efforts are in the smallest hand just useless. In the full hd movie, he is facing a mid-life crisis. It is safe to say that he leads a pretty boring life, until he meets the manager of the fabric store just next door and starts flirting with her. As a result of his newfound flirting object, his wife Angela (Gail Rastorfer) feels neglected. His life takes a totally new unexpected turn – from stable to unpredictable.

The Successor of “Electricity”

Kyle (Rodney Scott) has been sculptured by his father his whole life to be a successful businessman and take over the franchise of all the “Electricity” stores that now belong to his father. He is used to be put under so many expectations so he is kind of stuck in adolescence. He respects his father’s wishes up to the point when he meets Melissa. She brings him a newfound will to live, and to chase after what he wants in life.

The Failed Actor

Rick is a former high school basketball player who is eager to become a famous actor. His career took the wrong turn when he embarrassed himself during an audition. He can be easily described as a classic loudmouth who really doesn’t know how to treat the ladies.

The Immigrant

Avi the immigrant, besides chasing his American dream of a great job, is preparing to get married. He is not so happy about is since the marriage was arranged by his parents. Once he sees a picture of his soon bride to be, he is left with claw dropped. He is now struggling with a question like why would an attractive woman like her find something in him?

The Homeless Romeo

Jeff, the heart-broken boy whose girlfriend left him, lives in his van. He couldn’t afford to pay his rent so he decided to sublet his apartment. He is practically homeless. After a while, he moves in with Glenn, which additionally complicates Glenn’s relationship with his wife, because he starts having an affair with her. He is as it seems the egoist in this hd movie, because he does what he pleases, and wouldn’t move with a finger unless it is in his best interest.

Melissa brings life into this group of characters. She is a free soul, unapologetically beautiful in who she really is. Contrary to all the other characters, Melissa doesn’t care about those things that everybody else does, like job, car, house or bank account. It is hard to find a ‘Melissa’ in our real lives too since everybody is preoccupied with trivialities.

It is a story of five guys, every one of them with ‘madness’ of their own. It sounds much like a drama, but the way that the characters are presented (as absurd and stupid) makes this online movie a total comedy. There is a lot of irony in the free streaming movie, like in the case of Glenn. He has his life under control- a beautiful wife to wait for him at home and a job that he loves. But after flirting with the manager in the next door, even though nothing came of it, his life took a twist: his wife cheated on him with the man he took in his home and at the same time his employee, and he got demoted to sales.

The idea behind The Strip (2009) Movie

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The film itself does not have a concrete storyline. It is more a group of characters faced with everyday situations. It is interesting that many people can relate to some of the characters in the full movie, so you may end up inspired to do something with your life after watching the actors play ‘you’ on the screen.
Another idea promoted through this type of free online movies is that no matter what you planned, and no matter the effort you put into achieving your plans, sometimes it just doesn’t work up. Anyhow, life is possible with good people around you.

There are many aspects to look at this movie from, so if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do. It may not suit everybody’s taste, but you can give it a try via our exclusive partner to watch movies online for free.

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